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Our 2015 results were 22 test passes, an 85% Pass rate in line with national average, 6 'F1rst' passes, a 27% rate against national average of 9%, average time from enrolment to test 214 days against national average 445 days. Join CCAM for the best chance of enhancing your riding skill in 2016!



Andy Doherty, Observer Sean Nicholas
David Langdon, Observer Sean Nicholas
John Entrican, Observer Tim Hutt
Simon Groves, Observer Ashley Calvert
Daren Green, Observer Nick Goddard
Steve Allen, Retest
Dave Pinney, Observer Tim Hutt
Alan Tomlinson, Observer Rob Yates
Norman Price, Observer Richard Sanders
Rob Herbert, Observer Godfrey Mills
John Ford, Observer Andy Woodward
Richard Wright, Observer Kamran Irani
Nigel Hoare, Observer Ashley Calvert
Dave Preece, Observer Richard Kear
Chris Evans, Observer Richard Kear
Alex May, Observer Nick Goddard
Joe Logan, Observer Tim Hutt
Richard Fellows, Observer Richard Sanders

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Are you free on a Wednesday evenings? Do you fancy meeting other bikers at fabulous english country pubs? Then give the Cotswold Bikers Nights a try.

Next ride out: 22 January - Click "Next Rideout" on the left. Next clubnight: 17 January - Click "Next Clubnight" on the left.

We haven't had one of these for quite a while now. NOW WE NEED ONE. Interested? Make 2017 your year to join the committee and make a difference. Have a think about it before the AGM on 21st March, and/or chat with any of the committee beforehand.

Kim starts the New Year very poorly...literally. He's currently in St Richards Hospice Worcester, where he has been for the last 6 weeks or so. If you know Kim, pop by and say 'hello', I'm sure it would bolster his spirits during these miserable times for him.

We are delighted to announce that Kamran Irani has passed his training to the high standard of National Observer, and that Greg McColl has qualified as a Local Observer. Many congratulations both.

Watch this space. Or more precisely the space towards the top left where the event links are. Or waste an afternoon watching the scrolling text scroll.

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Cheltenham & Cotswold Advanced Motorcyclists
promoting safer riding